SZTROKIA Digital Alarm Clock, Multifunctional Alarm Clock, Indoor Thermometer, Hygrometer, Dual USB Charger, Suitable for Phone, Pad, Black



  • THE BRIGHTNESS OF DIGITAL DISPLAY IS ADJUSTABLE:With 3.2 inches large digital LCD screen does not irritate the eyes and increase the readability of in the day and at night.
  • DOUBLE POWER PROTECTION:It not only has power lines but also support 3 AAA batteries, which helps to ensure accurate timing during interruption of power supply or power line disconnection.
  • SNOOZE MODE: It reminds you every 5 minutes with total three times. Wake up you from the sleep gradually.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: It has extremely accurate digital display, toggling two kinds of time modes (12HR or 24HR,), showing temperature (℃ or ℉)and monitoring humidity.
  • TRAVEL ESSENTIAL: you can put it in rest of the suitcase space. It can better remind your schedule!





Unique “Big Turntable” Design
When you need to adjust the time, just use the rotate button to set up the time you required, and then click it to complete the adjustment! (“Big Turntable” can also adjust the brightness of the screen and trigger snooze function when the alarm rings, please refer to the manual)

Large LCD with VN Material
Digital LCD display, proper tilt, and adjustable brightness make the screen is clearly visible. Whether you are in the daytime or at darkness, you can adjust brightness as you like and it can guarantee a comfortable and clear display.

Snooze Mode
When the alarm clock rings, gently tap it anywhere, and it will set the snooze mode automatically. After five minutes the sound will gently start playing again. It will cycle three times.

Family and journey’s Little Helper
We sometimes immerse ourselves in something and forget the schedule. Then you need a wake-uper.
Usually during our trip, an appropriate USB charger is often not enough, are you annoyed and still looking for USB connector for electronic products? It provides you with two USB so that you can charge your mobile phone and pad simultaneously.

Don’t worryabout the lack of sockets. We have spare battery space. Just give it 3 AAA batteries ,work again!

Dimensions: 4.0*3.6*2.7 inch
Power Adaptor: 100-240V

1X Sztrokia Alarm Clock
1X UL USB Charger Cable
1X Manual
Note: No battery!