SZTROKIA White Noise Machine, Natural Sound Sleep Therapy Machine,USB Output Charger


  • 10 HIGH FIDELITY NATURAL SOUNDS: Two white noises, two fan sounds, two ocean sounds, thunder, storm, sleep ambience, summer night. This white noise provides a constant, soothing sound for your brain to settle on and creates the perfect environment to sleep soundly.
  • GREAT FOR TRAVEL: Portable fashion design and lightweight, unlike other large sound machines, this one is small enough to fit into any suitcase or travel bag.
  • CONSERVE ENERGY: Can be played continuously non-stop or with auto-off timer option for 15, 30 or 60 minutes.
  • VERY PRACTICAL: It can be used in many situations. Get rid of annoying noise whenever and wherever you hear around.
  • DC INPUT AND USB OUTPUT CHARGER: It’s very convenient to charge your phone or other devices.




Sztrokia white noise machine employs high-fidelity sound technology to make a realistic and natural sound, aiming to cover all the disturbing and distracted noise. A smoothing and the uninterrupted environment is very rare and commendable nowadays. White noise, fan, ocean sound, thunderstorm, summer night, you can choose one sound among which to make you calm down and settle your brain. It can create a relaxing atmosphere for sleep,Yoga,and muse.

5 soothing sounds and 10 choices:
2 white noises, 2 fan sounds, 2 ocean sounds,2 thunderstorm sounds, 2 summer night sounds, with one more adjustable volume potentiometer, this kind of design is made for you to find the more suitable voice. In addition, it’s easy to switch to another sound, just press the voice button.

Energy saving timing mode:
You may go to sleep very soon so that you forget to turn it off. It doesn’t matter. You can set the timer in advance. Automatic shutdown after 15,30,60 minutes according to your sleeping habit. It’s easy to operate but energy saving and practical.

Portable USB Charger:
This machine is small enough and lightweight.No matter either a handbag or a suitcase, the spared space is ample to place it. With DC input and USB output charger,it’s very convenient and practical.

Relaxing sleeping environment:
Most times, whether at home or on the trip, all kinds of disturbing sounds always disturbs you inadvertently, amazing snoring, noisy neighbors, mysterious hiss, and so on. At this time, you need a help: a white noise machine to stop these annoying sound. Sztrokia white noise machine offers you an environment without tension and worries.

When working, studying and meditating, Sztrokia white noise machine can help you better concentrate your attention, relieve a depressed working environment and cover other distracted voice. It is a simple and reliable solution for completing an efficient job.

Product Features:

  • 5 soothing sounds (white noise, fan, ocean sound,thunderstorm, summer night) and 10 choice
  • 15,30,60 minutes automatic shut-off timer.
  • Adjustable volume potentiometer
  • DC Input And USB Output Charger

Product Parameter:

  • Size: 4.72×4.72×1.18 inch
  • Input: 100V-240V, 50/60HZ
  • Output USB charger:DC 5V-2A


  • 1×Sztrokia white noise machine
  • 1×UL charger
  • 1×User Manuel